Who may install a rat blocker in Denmark?

In the amending ordinance on the control of rats, which entered into force on 12-6-2013, new requirements have been placed on who may install rat blocker.

The ordinance states the following: ""Persons employed in companies with authorisation as sewer contractors, and trained as sewer contractors, facility constructors or sewer constructors, can install a rat blocker, see Section 20 (1) no. 3, if they have, by December 31 2013, acquired a certificate for having passed the course on rats' behavior and biology etc. in connection with setting up a rat blocker, see Section 20 (3) .""

An individual homeowner may therefore not purchase a rat blocker and then install it themselves.

We at Nordic Innovation will also point out that it is associated with a high risk of clogging the sewer system and thus be associated with costs for hosing etc., if this is not observed. It is important that only people with the right training do the assembly, inspection, and maintenance of the rat blocker, since it is their professional judgment which determines whether the rat blocker is suitable for installation in each case, from its dimensions, what incline the sewer has, and how much flow that occurs in the sewer system.

We will therefore recommend that the assembly and inspection of rat blocker always contact their local sewerage, and through here have made a correct handling of the rat blocker.