Innovation is beneficially applied knowledge and creativity, which opens up for the discovery and realisation of what does not yet exist. Nordic Innovation is an innovative company that develops and produces items for the Danish sewer system, focusing on the area of ​​VA-approved rat blockers and rat control.

The development and manufacture of products for installation in the sewer system is an area which requires that one is aware of the responsibility taken by the company in connection with producing structures installed in the sewer system.

In early 2005, we finished the development of our first concept of rat blocker. Then the rat blocker were tested in various sewer line wells and inspection chambers until November 2006. In December 2006, the rat blockers were in sent to the DTI, Pipe Center in Taastrup, where they were tested and VA approved in January 2007 in a mock sewer system with live rats.
With over 10 years experience in the development and testing of rat blocker, we now possess a great knowledge of how to achieve the most optimal product, which ensures high reliability, long lifetime, and blocking effect against rats.

With a product from Nordic Innovation, one can be sure that quality and functionality are always excellent, and the reliability of the product will always be optimal.