NCC Construction Danmark A/S

We use TX11, since it's the one that fits the description of the supplied materials. We have fitted about 250 pcs. and find it easy and simple to install, we are therefore happy to install them. René Schafroth – Project Manager, NCC Construction Denmark A/S

René Mathiassen A/S

At René Mathiassen A/S, we have for a long time not used other rat flaps than those from Nordic Innovation, simply because, in our view, there aren’t any other products that deliver a high degree of operational safety for the customer, simultaneously it is a product that is easy for us to maintain and thus makes good economic sense for both the consumer and the sewer technician. This, combined with service from Nordic Innovation, must be one of the best we experience in terms of specialty products and spare parts. We have delivered flaps with special measurements after only a few days. But also with more specific technical expertise that helps our technicians at work sites. We can highly recommend Nordic Innovation’s products.

WiseTec A/S

WiseTec A/S has been very satisfied with the Nordic Innovation rat blocker that we have used across a wide range of Danish municipalities, suppliers, and real estate companies. The product is the best on the market, easy to handle, install, and service. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality. Nordic Innovation is, as a supplier, very reliable and safe with their deliveries. The product is the preferred product for blocking areas and properties. Nordic Innovation’s rat blocker is a safe choice. Carsten Thulin WiseTec A/S